Online Seminar Held!

About PI's "High Performance Motor Stage" ACS's "High Precision Control Controller"

Free: Held twice on Thursday, October 8


In order to expand our product portfolio, we have added an electric linear stage to our product lineup. By enhancing the electric linear stage products in addition to the piezo products, which are our strengths, we will develop a strategy to further improve user convenience and expand the market. The new product features excellent cost performance while being fast and highly accurate.

We are holding an online seminar with the hope that you will be able to provide detailed information about our products and make proposals that will improve work efficiency.

Seminar Outline

  • "Features of high-speed, high-precision electric linear stage"
  • "Introduction of high-precision control controller ACS"
  • "Laser processing system using linear stage and ACS controller"


60 minutes planned. Free online seminar.


Please check:

New Release! Motorized Linear Stage

Date and Time

October 08, 2020 (Thursday)
1st time: 10: 30 ~
2nd time: 14: 00 ~
Participation fee is free