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Motorized Linear Stage with High Speed, High Accuracy and Excellent Cost Performance

PI will improve user convenience by expanding its product portfolio.

PI Japan Co., Ltd. (Japanese subsidiary of Physik Instrumente GmbH in Germany, hereinafter PI) has excellent piezo technology and is known as a leading company in the field of precision positioning technology with nanometer accuracy. Total of motion control field and positioning field. A solution supplier. Recently, PI has added four products, the electric linear stage V-817, V-855, V-857, and L-812, to its product lineup in order to expand its product portfolio. By enhancing the electric linear stage products in addition to the piezo products, which are its strengths, we will develop a strategy to further improve user convenience and expand the market. The new product is characterized by excellent cost performance while being high-speed and highly accurate.

High-speed, high-precision electric linear stage

V-817: Linear motor drive
L-812:Ball screw drive

High-Speed, High-Precision Linear Stage with Excellent Cost Performance

The four products, V-817, V-855, V-857, and L-812, which are newly added to the lineup this time, are linear stages equipped with a motor and a position sensor, while being fast and highly accurate. The feature is that it has excellent cost performance. In addition to the product lineup of piezo actuators and stages based on advanced piezo technology, which is one of PI's strengths, these four products have expanded the lineup of electric linear stages to provide a wide range of choices suitable for user applications. It was developed with the intention of doing so. The three products V-817, V-855, and V-857 are linear motor drives, and the L-812 is a ball screw drive, which can be used according to the required specifications of the application, such as required accuracy and speed, continuous operation or intermittent operation. To do.


All products feature robust circulating ball bearings, each with multiple travel ranges. The linear motor drives V-817, V-855, and V-857 are equipped with a high-performance coreless linear motor and a high-precision linear encoder. The V-817 can select an incremental linear encoder, and the V-855 and V-857 can select an incremental linear encoder or an absolute linear encoder. For the ball screw drive L-812, a stepping motor or servo (brushless DC) motor can be selected, and incremental type or absolute type rotary encoders and sensorless specifications are also available. In addition, vertical mounting is possible with the brake holding option. The L-812 has abundant variations of nearly 40 types depending on the combination of travel range, motor, sensor, and options.


The circulating ball bearings used in all products have achieved extremely high load capacity and power compared to existing products in the same class. In addition, by using a high-resolution encoder and ACS controller together, tracking performance can be improved, tracking errors can be reduced, and settling time can be expected to be improved. By selecting an absolute encoder (V-817 cannot be selected), immediate position measurement becomes possible, and work efficiency and safety can be further improved.

In addition, the V-817 and L-812 are relatively small, have a low stage position, and can remove the table top, making them an advantageous design when space is limited or when a large number of stages are combined.


The coreless linear motor used in the V-817, V-855, and V-857 achieves high speed and high acceleration by directly driving the motion platform without using mechanical parts for the rotational force transmission mechanism. .. In addition, since smooth operation is possible regardless of speed and excellent controllability, it is an option suitable for positioning operation that requires particularly high accuracy. The stepping motor and synchronous servo motor (brushless DC motor) that can be selected for the L-812 have high position accuracy and overload durability over a wide rotation speed range, and are characterized by high torque and low inertia. The performance and robustness of these motors are known to have a proven track record in the field of industrial automation. As mentioned earlier, the L-812 has the option of holding the brakes for vertical mounting. The main specifications of each product are shown below. As mentioned at the beginning, the major feature of these four products is cost performance. Highly competitive prices are set for existing products in the market that have specifications similar to those shown in the table.

Motor Driveコアレスリニア ダイレクトコアレスリニア ダイレクトコアレスリニア ダイレクトステッピング、サーボ ボールスクリュー
Sensorインクリメンタルリニアインクリメンタルリニア アブソリュートリニアインクリメンタルリニア アブソリュートリニアインクリメンタルロータリー アブソリュートロータリー なし
Travel Range (mm)204/407/610/813400/800/1200400/800/1200102/204/407/610
Weight (kg)
Z:Weight (kg)
Repeatability (µm)±1~±1.5±1±1±5
Max. Verocity (m/s)333~50.1~0.3
Max. Acceleration (m/s2)-100100-
Price (万円)72~39~51~29~

Total Solution with High-Precision Electric Linear Stage and High-Performance ACS Controller

PI actively provides total solutions for users to build systems. We provide system-level support that combines PI products with ACS Motion Control (ACS) products known for their high-performance motion controllers and drivers. ACS is part of PI and is a leading manufacturer of high performance EtherCAT® based controllers and drive solutions for multi-axis drive systems, especially in the field of laser processing machines, semiconductor and FPD manufacturing and inspection equipment. Is getting. The following is an image of a laser processing system using a V-8xx linear stage and an ACS controller. SPiiPlus ES is a universal controller that supports up to 64 axes, UDMnt is a universal driver that is based on EtherCAT and features high connectivity, and LCM is a laser control module that can synchronize the controller and driver.

ACS controllers advantages:


  • Multi-axis complete synchronous control up to 64 axes is possible
  • EtherCAT-based communication connection
  • Dynamic error mapping correction function
  • Sampling update 20KHz (servo cycle 50μs)
  • Reduction of static time, noise reduction, cogging correction, resonance correction by the original algorithm ServoBoost function
  • Cascade control loop structure







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