Industrial Laser Material Processing

Small Geometries – High Dynamic – Debris Protection

Machining platforms for creating tiny geometries in the micron range demand motion systems that provide a consistent, accurate and dynamic processing in multiple dimensions. As the size and mass of the manufactured parts may be challenging and particles may be formed during machining, the system components used need to be highly precise, stiff, robust and offer reliable performance.

Key Features of the Stages

Reference edge to support the alignment in the machine
Connector for purge air to create overpressure
Side seal and hard cover to protect against particles
Robust industrial IP65 connectors for flexible cable exit
Easy access to the lubrication system
Different encoder variants including absolute-measuring sensors offering nanometer resolution
Different stage widths for different loads and cantilever reduction

Laser Positioning

Workpiece Positioning

  • Ironless  magnetic direct drive linear motors
  • Heavy-duty recirculating ball bearings
  • XY configuration without adapter plate
  • XY drag chain cable management
    >> V-417 High-Load Linear Motor Stage

Motion Control

  • ACS SPiiPlus EtherCAT® network motion controllers and drive modules for optimum synchronization of the axes and simultaneous control of the laser
    >> ACS Motion Controllers
  • The Laser Control Module (LCM) can control a laser source directly with full synchronization to the motion path. LCM is able to interface with a wide range of lasers such as DPSS, CO2, excimer, fiber, Q-switched, picosecond, or femtosecond. It is also suitable for position based triggering applications for test and inspection tasks
    >> ACS Laser Control Module

System in Motion

Further Industries and Applications that Benefit from this Motion Solution



Automation Platforms for Laser Material Processing

Precision – Throughput – Synchronized Motion

Version / Date
BRO67E R1 2018-06
pdf - 3 MB
Version / Date
BRO67CN 2018-11
pdf - 12 MB

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