Wafer and Substrate Inspection and Metrology

Cost-Effective Scanning and Location of Defects

Wafer inspection, the science of finding defects in the starting wafer or substrate, or the finished device, is becoming more demanding, challenging, and costly due to the decreasing sizes of features and the complexity of the design. It is essential to analyze defects at each step throughout the manufacturing process since the inspection process becomes more challenging and costly when getting closer to the final device. Step-by-step scanning for defect inspection enables semiconductor manufacturers to prevent yield losses by detecting defects in an early stage, and thereby reducing costs.

Semiconductor processes and inspections rely heavily on precision motion and the ability to provide synchronized multi-axis dynamic performance with tight velocity regulation. PI offers several precision motion platforms tailored to address the high demands of process and inspection applications.

Key Features of the Motion Solution

High throughput
High repeatable positioning
Modular and scalable design
Easy integration of additional axes
Cost-effective with fast delivery

θZ Axis – Fine Rotary Indexing and Alignment of Wafer or Substrate

  • Highly accurate and repeatable 360° rotation without backlash
  • High velocities and accelerations due to magnetic direct drives
  • Direct-drive, slotless, brushless torque motor offers very low cogging torques and enables smooth speed and low error motions
  • Ultraprecision ball bearings developed and manufactured in house enable better delivery times and prices.
    >> Technology of Direct Drive Torque Motors

Z Axis – Precision Wafer Alignment

  • Low profile, compact superior mechanical design
  • Direct drive ironless motor technology means zero cogging and assures smooth scan velocity or precise incremental steps
  • High-resolution encoder for nanometer positioning of the motion platform
  • High-precision anti-creep crossed-roller bearings
  • Self-locking functionality at power off prevents collision
  • Economically priced with fast delivery
    >> Technology of Direct Drive Motors

XY Axis – Precision Step and Scan Motion

  • High-dynamics, ironless linear motors for fast and precise contouring over long travel ranges
  • Absolute encoders avoid referencing and ensure safety during operation
  • Stiff platform with low profile reduces abbe offsets
  • Design allows high flexibility and scalability
  • Optimized integrated cable management reduces motion drag and prolongs lifetime
  • Granite base ensures highest performance of the motion system
    >> Direct Drive Linear Motor Stages

Flexible and Easy Automation Control

  • EtherCAT® motion control and drive modules provide open network connectivity
    >> G-901 Motion Controller
  • Advanced algorithms provide fast step-and-settle, high in-position stability, and exceptional constant scanning velocity
    >> ServoBoost™
  • Extensive programming environment and support for higher level languages
  • Autofocus capabilities of the controller for dynamic focus adjustment
  • Look-ahead capability adjusts velocity to maintain accuracy
  • Easy programming of motion path including G-Code

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