DuraAct Patch Transducers

Robust and Flexible Piezo Composites

DuraAct patch transducers are so called "Smart Materials", having both sensor and actuator characteristics. This means that these patch transducers can be used as sensors and actuators as well as being able to generate and store an electrical charge. The patented laminated structure consisting of piezo ceramic, electrodes, and polymer exterior is electrically insulated and mechanically robust.

PI E-413

For DuraAct Actuators

DuraAct Actuators require different operating voltage ranges, depending on the integrated ceramic.
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DuraAct piezoelectric transducers are produced in different shapes. Customized designs to match your application are also available. Whether special electronics or special geometries – on request, we will gladly offer you customized products.

Applications and Markets

  • Highly Dynamic Actuators
  • Active Vibration Damping

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DuraAct Piezoelectric Patch Transducer

Flexible, Efficient, Durable
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BRO07E R1 2019-06
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BRO07D R1 2019-06
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Sensor, actuator or both?
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CAT128 R2
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CAT128 R2
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