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ピーアイ(PI)社では主力製品として、自社開発のピエゾ素子を使用したピエゾアクチュエーター(PICMA®)、自社設計によるピエゾステージ(リニアステージ・回転ステージ・多軸ステージなど)を販売しています。これと同時にそれらピエゾ素子を駆動、制御するためのアンプやコントローラも設計・販売しています。ピーアイ社ではピエゾ素子の特性やお客様の目的に応じ①アナログコントローラ、②デジタルコントローラの2種類のコントローラを用意しています。 まず、この2種類のコントローラの特徴について説明させて頂く上で、より深くご理解いただくために、ピエゾ素子の特徴について簡単に説明させて頂きます。 ...

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Reference Edge, Robust Industrial Connectors, Connector for Purge Air, Debris Protection

How to Meet the Requirements of Machine Builders for Precision Linear Stages?

Dr. Cliff Jolliffe explains the motivation for development and why the new series of linear stages meet the requirements of machine builders.

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Advances in Laser Micromachining and Microprocessing

New Motion Control Approaches Deliver Improved Accuracy and Faster Time to Market

Advances in Laser Micromachining and Microprocessing. New motion control Approaches deliver improved accuracy and faster time to market.

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PI Rest-Programable Piezo Shim

What's the difference between a Piezo Actuator and Programable Piezo Shim?

New Tools for Design Engineers of Optics and Precision Mechanical Systems Piezo stack actuators have been used in applications such as photonics alignment, positioning, force generation, and fast valve actuation for several decades. They provide high dynamics, but can also be used for quasi-static applications due to their high-stiffness and stability.

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Precision Robotics and Automation

Hexapods Advance Production Processes

Hexapods, six-legged parallel-kinematic machines, are quickly gaining ground in a broad range of industrial automation applications after “learning” how to directly communicate with PLC or CNC controllers via fieldbus interfaces.

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